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June 2018 Perspectives

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17 Jun 2018
Be a Minister of God in your Workplace

I accepted an invitation to speak in September 2018 at a Chinese Church for their missions Sunday. The topic is “Marketplace and Missions”. For my preparation, I decided to do a little research. Surprisingly, many terminologies surfaced: Tent-making,...

Contributed by : Rev Tan Cheng Huat

10 Jun 2018
God is Merciful and Gracious

My merciful and gracious Father in Heaven, Father of my Lord Jesus Christ, give me Your divine wisdom in writing this pastoral perspective to share with Your people about Your rich mercy and abundant grace. In Christ Jesus's most precious, holy and power...

Contributed by : Pr George Ang

03 Jun 2018
Red and yellow, black and white

I grew up in church singing the Sunday school song ‘Jesus loves the little children’ and there is a line in that song that goes like this: ‘Red and yellow, black and white; all are precious in his sight’. It conveys the truth that God loves us reg...

Contributed by : Rev Lee Kien Seng

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